All Du Data Packages Explained

This blog will explain all the Du data packages thoroughly and will make sure that you understand the activation of all the Du data plans. We all agree with this fact that fast data packages have now become very important in our daily lives. This is because of the digitalization happening every now and then around us.

The Du data package enables its users to experience the fastest internet across UAE within affordable prices. Apart from all this, Du monthly data package and Du unlimited data services are one of the most dominant reason why Du is the first choice of Emirates. In addition to this, Du monthly data plan also enables the Du users to stay connected with their loved ones.

Both prepaid and postpaid Du data plans are stated below:

Prepaid Data Plans

Net Price Data Free Social Data Validity
AED 25 200 MB 200 MB 30 days
AED 55 500 MB 500 MB 30 days
AED 110 1.1 GB 1.1 GB 30 days
AED 210 5 GB 3 GB 30 days
AED 525 25 GB 15 GB 30 days


Postpaid Data Plans

Data Price Type  Validity
1 GB AED 50 Recurrent 30 days
3 GB AED 100 Recurrent 30 days
10 GB AED 200 Recurrent 30 days
40 GB AED 500 One-off 30 days


Postpaid Data Boosters

Data Price Type Validity
1 GB AED 60 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle
3 GB AED 120 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle
5 GB AED 160 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle


For activation of these packages, you can visit our homepage and chat with our Du sales agent to proceed with your desired plan.

All the above plans cover all Du monthly data, Du monthly plan and Du unlimited data packages which are offered to you within reasonable prices. Now you can use all the above-stated packages for your mobile phones, tablets and personal computers as per your need.

Now I believe that you all must have understood all the data plans provided by Du and would act promptly to activate these amazing data offers.

Still, if you feel that there are other telecom companies offering more convenient data plans than Du then you can talk to our Du sales agent by visiting our homepage.

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