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This blog will explain all the Du data packages thoroughly and will make sure that you understand the activation of all the Du data plans. We all agree with this fact that fast data packages have now become very important in our daily lives. This is because of the digitalization happening now and then around us.

The Du data package enables its users to experience the fastest internet across the UAE within affordable prices. Apart from all this, Du monthly data package and Du unlimited data services are one of the most dominant reason why Du is the first choice of Emirates. In addition to this, Du monthly data plan also enables the Du users to stay connected with their loved ones.

Data Consumption

The things the greater part of us love to do with our telephones is likewise what eats the most information: stream music and video.

Your telephone is your amusement place, just with an information top.

Current telephones and gushing administrations were made for one another. Your telephone is equipped for conveying excellent substance through the screen or its sound parts and gushing administrations like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify were made to convey them. The primary mainstream media-driven telephone was the iPhone and both Apple and Google owe a ton of their prosperity to this since it was likewise the most ideal approach to watch YouTube in the palm of your hands.

Things have made considerable progress from that point forward, however, one thing hasn’t changed. We love to watch and tune in with our telephones. In any case, the approach of HD video spilling and high-bitrate sound gushing implies that it likewise eats up the information more than ever. We should separate it to see exactly how much information you use when you fire up your preferred spilling application.

Spilling sound

While a few administrations offer super-HQ spilling music, most administrations utilize a similar scale: Low, Normal and High. What’s more, most utilize the equivalent bitrate (the number of bits every subsequent that are transmitted carefully) to characterize every class. Here’s what they look like and how a lot of information each will expand.

  • Low quality is ordinarily 96kbps. All things considered, Low-quality sound spilling utilizes 0.72MB every moment or 43.2MB every hour.
  • Ordinary quality is commonly 160kbps. Typical quality music gushing utilizations 1.20MB every moment or 72MB every hour by and large.
  • Excellent music is commonly 320kbps. Top-notch gushing music utilizes 2.40MB every moment or 115.2MB every hour by and large.

“Normal” is the watchword here. Most administrations offer gushing help that auto-alters dependent on your system conditions, and some utilization of lower quality bitrates for all classes. In any case, most other help, including Google Play Music and Spotify, follow these rules when you don’t have things set up to auto-change.

Spilling video

As you can envision, spilling video utilizes much a bigger number of information than sound does. There’s simply more data being transmitted. Also, your system conditions have a major influence on how the media is spilled because no one loves buffering. Fortunately, applications are savvy enough to request a video stream that will work with the accessible system speeds and buffering is, for the most part, a relic of days gone by. For the most part. Note this concealed component will, as a rule, abrogate your settings when it needs to, however, if you request an HD or 4K video, you’ll get it on the off chance that it very well may be conveyed.

Here are how the streams separate by and large.

  • Low-quality video is extremely low-quality. think 240p or 320p. Low-quality settings will use about 0.3GB (300MB) every hour.
  • SD quality video is standard 480p video. SD-quality video utilizes about 0.7GB (700MB) every hour.
  • HD quality video is somewhere in the range of 720p and 2K (recollect, the application changes the stream). HD-quality video utilizes about 0.9GB (720p), 1.5GB (1080p) and 3GB (2K) every hour.
  • UHD quality video utilizes a great deal of information. A 4K stream utilizes about 7.2GB every hour.

Once more, these are midpoints and Netflix has helped by disclosing to us how much information their administration employments. Pressure, variable quality dependent on arranging conditions and your telephone’s store will all factor in here, yet these numbers are a truly sure thing.

What amount would I be able to stream on my information plan?

du data

An ordinary information plan that is not boundless — and not from T-Mobile or different organizations who practice zero-rating — comes in 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB flavors. On the off chance that you needed to stream media while utilizing your information association, this is what every level will permit:

  • A 2GB arrangement will let you stream up to:
  • 47 hours of low-quality music
  • 28 hours of typical quality music
  • 17 hours of top-notch music
  • 5 long periods of low-quality video
  • 8 long periods of standard definition video
  • 2 long periods of 720p video
  • 3 long periods of 1080p video
  • 6 long periods of 2K video
  • 25 long periods of 4K video
  • A 5GB arrangement will let you stream up to:
  • 117 hours of low-quality music
  • 70 hours of ordinary quality music
  • 5 long stretches of top-notch music
  • 25 long stretches of low-quality video
  • 7 hours of standard-definition video
  • 5 long stretches of 720p video
  • 25 long stretches of 1080p video
  • 5 long stretches of 2K video
  • 6 long stretches of 4K video
  • A 10GB arrangement will allow you to stream
  • 234 hours of low-quality music
  • 140 hours of typical quality music
  • 85 hours of top-notch music
  • 5 long periods of low-quality video
  • 14 hours of standard-definition video
  • 11 hours of 720p video
  • 5 long periods of 1080p video
  • 3 hours of 2K video
  • 2 long periods of 4K video

Business Standards

We adhered to the business standard 1,000MB = 1GB equation here and not the “genuine” computation of 1,024MB in one GB. That is because your bearer may do likewise. What’s more, recollect — these are close estimations. Due to how information is compacted and bitrates change dependent on each circumstance, my estimations might be somewhat not the same as yours. What’s more, none of this considers any adjusting your bearer may do. To us, 1.7MB will be 1.7MB, not 2MB.

Gushing HD media utilizes a great deal of information. Know this before you choose the amount you need.

One thing these figures show is that you’re in every case happier utilizing Wi-Fi to stream top-notch media. Other than the information investment funds, Wi-Fi likewise has a progressively vigorous sign that will mean less corruption or pressure. Your web organization likely enhances media traffic, yet not so much as your remote bearer does. You can likewise utilize administrations that let you download or nail your media while you’re to Wi-Fi and play it back later.

Simply know that on the off chance that you watch 8 hours of HD video consistently, you’re going to require as much as 300GB of information. That implies you’ll require a boundless arrangement that doesn’t have the fine-print letting you know “boundless” stops at 22 or 24GB at that point gets too delayed to even think about streaming. Such a creature doesn’t exist, and bearers that zero-rate won’t serve you 2K video (or even 1080p) without paying extra for it.

Utilize these numbers to design out how much information you require for gushing in case you’re looking for administration.

Prepaid and Postpaid Data Plans

Both prepaid and postpaid Du data plans are stated below:

Prepaid Data Plans

Net Price Data Free Social Data Validity
AED 25 200 MB 200 MB 30 days
AED 55 500 MB 500 MB 30 days
AED 110 1.1 GB 1.1 GB 30 days
AED 210 5 GB 3 GB 30 days
AED 525 25 GB 15 GB 30 days


Postpaid Data Plans

Data Price Type  Validity
1 GB AED 50 Recurrent 30 days
3 GB AED 100 Recurrent 30 days
10 GB AED 200 Recurrent 30 days
40 GB AED 500 One-off 30 days


Postpaid Data Boosters

Data Price Type Validity
1 GB AED 60 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle
3 GB AED 120 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle
5 GB AED 160 One-off Till the end of your bill cycle

For activation of these packages, you can visit our homepage and chat with our Du sales agent to proceed with your desired plan.

All the above plans cover all Du monthly data, Du monthly plan and Du unlimited data offers which are provided to you within reasonable prices. You can also get the du unlimited data package by reading this ultimate guide. Now you can use all the above-stated packages for your mobile phones, tablets and personal computers as per your needs.

Now I believe that you all must have understood all the data plans provided by Du and would act promptly to activate these amazing data offers.

Still, if you feel that other telecom companies are offering more convenient data plans than Du then you can talk to our Du sales agent by visiting our homepage.

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