Top 3 Reasons Why Du Dongle is Better Than Others

du dongle

The new Du dongle service can now make the lives of Emirates much easier.

The new dongle service is a portable device that is easy to use and carry. The dongle service is designed according to the lifestyles of people living in the UAE. In this way, people living in Emirates can use this service with ease.

With the help of Du dongle, the Emirates can get access to the internet from anywhere in the UAE. This blog will guide you about the benefits and activation of Du dongle and will answer all your queries related to dongle service.

The new portable dongle devices enable you to carry the device all across the UAE. This means now the use of cables for internet connection is a history. You can also visit our homepage if you feel Du dongle is best for your use or you can continue reading this blog. This blog will further explain the service and facilities you can get with the activation of the dongle service.

Du Dongle Features

du dongle


Memory CapacityInternet Type

Internet Key

4 GB4G LTE 100 Mbps

Internet Key

4 GB21.6 Mbps
Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB

7.2 Mbps

Mobile Wi-Fi4 GB

21 Mbps

Mobile Wi-Fi8 GB

100 Mbps



  • The Du devices are designed in such a way that emirates can carry it anywhere in UAE.
  • The portable device enables you to experience the fastest internet connection in the UAE.
  • Du internet devices can be used to store files and access the internet.
  • The prices of these devices are light on your pocket and easily available in almost all the areas of UAE.

Other Dongles

A dongle is a little gadget, normally looking like a USB streak drive, that connects to another gadget and gives additional usefulness. A remote dongle, likewise called Wi-Fi connector, is a thumb-drive-looking gadget that gives Wi-Fi capacities to a gadget that in any case isn’t Wi-Fi-competent, for example, a work area PC with no remote system card.

Dongles are commonly valuable since they can be effortlessly moved between gadgets, they don’t occupy a lot of room, and the additional usefulness is advantageous (for example a Roku Streaming Stick lets you stream a great many administrations straightforwardly to your TV).

Be that as it may, when utilizing a remote dongle, you may run into certain issues — specifically, poor remote speeds that don’t satisfy what your ISP plan can convey. Here are a few reasons why you may have disappointing remote dongle execution and what can be done.

1. Remote Interference

Wi-Fi gadgets can convey utilizing two unique groups: the 2.4GHz band, which is more seasoned and upheld by most gadgets yet more slow, and the 5GHz band, which is more up to date and quicker however has a shorter range and is just bolstered by gadgets from the previous scarcely any years.

While present-day remote dongles will in general help the two groups, you can possibly use the 5GHz band if your switch additionally transmits on the 5GHz band. On the off chance that your switch is certainly not a double band switch, at that point you’re stuck utilizing the 2.4GHz band. This is the reason double band switches are basic.

What’s so awful about the 2.4GHz band? All things considered, it’s very tight. In the U.S., you just have 11 channels to pick among — and even that is misleading in light of the fact that each channel’s recurrence covers with the frequencies of neighboring channels. This implies channels 1, 6, and 11 are the main non-covering channels.

Dongle Performance

Covering channels are terrible on the grounds that the remote information waves can meddle with one another, causing lost information parcels that should be dislike. Resending information bundles requires some investment, and this can make your remote speed drop. With a great deal of impedance, the drop can be huge.

It deteriorates. In the event that you live in a thickly populated structure, for example, a high rise in a significant city, at that point you have several gadgets surrounding you attempting to transmit Wi-Fi information. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a non-covering channel, transmissions on a similar channel can meddle. A remote dongle on the 2.4GHz band basically gets no opportunity to perform well.

In the event that you need to utilize 2.4GHz, ensure you’re utilizing the more current N mode rather than “heritage” or “blended” mode, which is constrained to 7MB/sec for in reverse similarity.

The best arrangement? Change to the 5GHz band.

This implies you’ll have to redesign your switch to a double band model if your present switch doesn’t bolster it. You’ll additionally require a remote dongle that is equipped for it. Luckily, the 5GHz band has 23 non-covering channels and numerous gadgets despite everything don’t bolster it, so obstruction is insignificant. Become familiar with approaches to understand remote dongle impedance.

2. Inner Antenna

Remote dongles come in two structures: minimized ones (which have interior radio wires) and cumbersome ones (which have outside reception apparatuses).

Smaller remote dongles, in some cases called nano dongles or pico dongles, are favored by most clients since they’re modest, compact, and all the more tastefully satisfying. Who needs a monstrous radio wire standing out of their gadget? No one, that is who! Furthermore, inward reception apparatuses are less expensive to deliver so smaller dongles are progressively reasonable.

While inward reception apparatuses have made considerable progress and aren’t horrible any longer, outer receiving wires, by and large, give better execution. Outside receiving wires regularly have higher pickup and in this manner better sign gathering. You can point them towards the switch for stunningly better gathering, and they aren’t as near interior gadgets (which can cause an obstruction).

The best arrangement? Move up to a dongle with an outer radio wire.

To be reasonable, there’s nothing amiss with utilizing a conservative dongle with minimal gadgets (for example Raspberry Pi). Simply know that you likely won’t get full Wi-Fi speeds. A dongle with an outside reception apparatus might be monstrous, however, it is frequently the more performant alternative.

3. Equipment Bottlenecks

There are in any event three particulars you have to focus on.

To begin with, the dongle’s particulars. A dongle marked as 600Mbps presumably doesn’t bolster that much throughput per band. Rather, it may be 150Mbps on 2.4GHz and 450Mbps on 5GHz, for an aggregate of 600Mbps when the two groups are utilized. Make certain to get a dongle that satisfies your ISP plan’s maximum speed on the band you will utilize.

Second, the USB port you plug into. USB 2.0 ports have a hypothetical max speed of 480Mbps, however, because of convention overhead and equipment wasteful aspects, the reasonable max speed is nearer to 320Mbps. In the event that you need more noteworthy information throughput, make certain to plug the dongle into a USB 3.0 port, which has a hypothetical max speed of 5Gbps (quicker than any cutting edge private association).

Third, your greatest web speed. In the event that you’re paying for 25Mbps/5Mbps, at that point, no blend of switch and dongle will get you quicker speeds. Also, most ISPs don’t really give your arrangement’s max throttle 100 percent of the time, so you may need to move up to an arrangement that is considerably higher than what you might suspect you need.

Different Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Performance

On the off chance that you’ve attempted the entirety of the above tips yet at the same time experience Wi-Fi execution issues, we strongly prescribe this article on regular reasons why your Wi-Fi is moderate and things that could be hindering your home system. It may not be your remote dongle all things considered!

On the off chance that your Wi-Fi issues originate from separation, for example, your switch being stuck at the opposite finish of the house, at that point, you ought to consider expanding you are remote arrive at utilizing a Wi-Fi extender or powerline connector. In the event that your speed issues originate from an excessive number of clients on the system, have a go at utilizing these system streamlining tips for home switches.

Now as you are aware of the plans of Du dongle, you can choose your preferred plan as per your need. For more information, you can check our homepage where the sales agent will contact you directly.

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