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du offers

du offers

Du Roaming Offers

Experience the unlimited business and 2.5GB of information valid for seven days on du network.

UAE-based telecommunication operator du is giving roaming bundle for travelers valid for seven days. The summer bundle options unlimited business and 2.5GB of information to 174 destinations – all from their own UAE range.

Priced at AED three hundred (per week) this latest addition to du’s roaming bundles. These bundles are specially offered for patrons move to 174 countries. These countries include GCC countries, UK, US, European destinations, and Egypt, ranging from could thirty.

The paid mobile subscribers will purchase the roaming bundle by causation the SMS U to 5102.

Fahad Al Hassawi, Deputy chief executive officer – utility Services at EITC, the parent company of du, because the roaming bundle can enhance the subscribers’ property whereas move overseas and minimize their current pain points.

Du Data Offers

Apart from this, du offers unlimited mobile knowledge for two fils per minute at most speed of 1Mbps.

UAE telecommunication du has launched begin Stop knowledge Service, a brand new feature for users to manage their knowledge usage.

du has placed its customers within the forefront of their knowledge choices, because the new service prices 2 fils/minute, at the most speed of 1Mbps. With this service, users will browse the net, usual social and electronic communication apps and stream videos.

To activate du’s begin Stop knowledge Service, postpaid customers can have to be compelled to dial *555# to begin and stop their knowledge sessions.

Fahad Al Hasawi, chief industrial officer, du, said: “For the primary time, du is giving customers within the UAE knowledge bundling on Associate in Nursing on-demand basis. we’ve recognized that our customers need a lot of convenience and management once it involves managing their knowledge.

“We wished to supply a lot of transparency to our customers. Therefore, providing them a lot of management over their knowledge usage. Introducing a pay per minute theme for knowledge United States permits us to more address our customers’ needs and wishes. Thus this helps in delivering on our promise of invariably adding life to life,” he added.

Customers must be compelled to have enough longer credit or Out of Credit balance if they want to purchase du begin Stop knowledge Service. Once the service is activated, there’s a minimum charge of thirty fils for the primary quarter-hour of usage. After that, it’ll be 2 fils per minute for the most length of 4 hours in one session. But after saying all this, Du remains the leading ISP in UAE.

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