Du Introduces The New Unlimited Home Internet Plans

du unlimited home internet

du unlimited home internet

Now du has introduced their new offer for their customers. The du customers can now get the latest Samsung Galaxy S Series when they pre-order this new smartphone.

Du introduced this amazing offer back in the days which ended on 3rd March 2019. The offer was that when the customers pre-order this new phone, they will be rewarded with the phone as soon as it is released in UAE. Furthermore, there will be numerous other benefits that will be rewarded to the customers with the new smartphone.

Du will offer their new customers a new data plan consisting of more than 8GB. With this, the customers of du will also be offered the watches and pods of Samsung Galaxy. This offer was only limited to those customers that place their pre-orders for the new smartphone in the first place.

Enhancing Growth and Customer Response

The launch of this new smartphone is aligned with the mission of Du which is to enhance customer response. In addition to this, the launch of this offer is associated with the growth of their own business. Du has the best mobile and home internet packages for its customers available in the UAE.

The new internet offers by du enhances the experience and lifestyles of customers by exposing them to the updated technology in the UAE. The new smartphone will offer a greater value to our customers and our business.

Du Unlimited Home Internet

So now we believe that you must have understood about the new offer of du unlimited home internet and will be aware of du’s customer service.

If you want to know more about the du unlimited internet packages for home then you must check our previous blog. It’s all about the service and packages of the new du offers.

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