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If you are not well connected with your customer, you are not gonna get a much business. Whether its your physical business or online business. You need phone system which makes ease for you to connect each day. And du landline is what you need to fulfill all your communication requirement. There are lots of routes which you could take to earn your client contacts fast and painless. There is something to be said for contact, because it may result in clients and wait times, but it is impractical for you customers to speak to your employees. If you use an automatic service a problem might arise. If your company is small, your very best option may be to obtain an office phone system to take care of your calls.


What are the Advantages to using an office telephone system to your little Company? Case studies have revealed that there are advantages to the approach to client contact. This type of office telephone system can assist your client communication improves. A little phone system, like a 4-line system, can make it simpler and faster to ensure that your client gets to the ideal person without a lot of hassle.


Such systems are more economical to maintain compared to other systems. Bigger systems require miles of costly maintenance contracts, cabling, or equipment that is intricate requiring a committed service team. A mobile process that is more compact will require upkeep and cabling but the prices will be reduced, and the machine can be kept running. That will be more cost effective for the business!


Du Business Landline for Small Companies

An advantage to this type of telephone system company is the fact that it can be enlarged and it makes to stay connected with your foreign customers easily with du international call packages. A 4-line platform may be enlarged to include more lines as your company develops. To units, systems and more specs may be added In addition to that to make matters easier.


Regardless of what your company needs, it has to be able to be Touched by your clients or it can not survive. Avoid irritating your clients because, after all, a happy customer is you. Motivate your employees to make your company as you can, and motivate your clients to remain with a phone system that is more straightforward with your firm.


Small Business Need Right Impression to Grow

du international call package

There are numerous advantages of Du landline plans that will be explained in this blog. All the landline plans work without any hidden charges or credit amount.


The Du landline enables you to make free landline calls within UAE. The Du home phone also offers free local landline callings.


Now you can call internationally within most affordable rates.


The Du international call packages have now made the lives of people living in UAE quite easy. Now with the help of Du, people can now call internationally to talk to their loved ones. Du international call packages enable you to make international calls in more than 100 countries with a minimum 40 fils/mins.


When you use this offer, you only pay according to the call duration. This means there are no hidden charges set in this amazing international call package.


Du Home Phones

Customer satisfaction is the initial priority of du international call package. This great package saves hundreds of AED’s that usually get spent while international calling. The international calling rates for Du landline starts from about 1fils/sec.


You only get to pay for calling when you actually make a call. Other than that, you don’t pay for any other hidden charges. Also get your detailed call records in the monthly bills.


Below you can see detailed chart for du international call package and plans:









  • International calling to 190 countries.
  • Calls more than five minute will be charged at 1.5 fils/sec.
  • Saturday to Thursday from 9 am till 9 pm.

Du Local Minutes Offer

The du local minutes offer serve as an amazing package for local calling. You can now call on any local number within just 1 AED. The du local minutes offer enables you to make calls on any number in UAE except for the toll-free numbers.

For more information about the du landline packages, visit our du home internet packages.

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