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Latest Du Wifi Offers Explained

du wifi

This blog will explain all the wifi offers provided by Du telecom.

Currently, the best wifi plans available in UAE is provided by Du. People living in UAE usually face difficulties with their internet. Their common concern is that despite having a fast internet connection, they don’t get the right speed on their Wifi.

This means having good wifi is necessary. Without this, a good internet connection is nothing.

The same problems are faced by the users of many internet service providers. Thus a solution is required so that customers can use their internet with wifi devices too.

Du understood the need of the internet users in the market and introduced their wifi routers. This way the users can experience fast internet connectivity even when they are using the internet through a wifi device.

So now we can say that all your problems with slow wifi speed is now solved.

In short, Du plays the role of savior in this particular situation.

With their higher quality wifi routers, the customers of Du are now able to use the internet plans more effectively.

Now the problems of internet lagging and signal drop are solved.

All this thanks to Du high tech routers.

Du Wifi Packages

Currently, there are six best wifi packages offered by your favorite telecom company. Customers can avail all these packages from anywhere in the UAE.

All these wifi packages are listed in the table below:

S. No.

Wifi Plan Monthly Price (AED)


Postpaid 125


New Emirati 350


Device + Postpaid


4 Data


5 Control


6 Prepaid


All these wifi packages are easily accessible even in the remote areas of UAE. The prices of these packages are fixed and there are no hidden or additional charges in the package.

Still confused about the du home wifi plans? Check our homepage.

Du vs Etisalat – Du Wins The Race

du vs etisalat

This blog will explain why Du is the best internet service provider and better than Etisalat.

Finding a good internet connection is always a mess when you are new in UAE. Sometimes, people living in UAE for decades also face these problems. Thus, this blog will highlight reasons Du is better than other telecom companies in UAE.

Telecom Companies in UAE

Though the competition between the telecom companies in UAE is not that much intensive as compared to other nations. However, people still have few options from where they can choose their telecom service provider.

Two of the most dominant telecom companies in UAE are Du and Etisalat. Altogether, these two companies hold the maximum market share of the telecom industry of UAE.

Du vs Etisalat – Coverage and Comparison

Etisalat is the oldest telecom company of UAE. This enables them to serve almost all the areas of the middle east region.

Despite being active and present in most of the areas of the country, Etisalat is unable to provide quality services to their customers.

This gap in the market was filled by Du as they are providing quality service in almost all of their coverage areas. Furthermore, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates has announced the performance stats of Du and Etisalat.

The performance metrics show that Du is comprehensively better than Etisalat when comes to outdoor calling. Similarly, Du was also better than Etisalat in terms of their internet speed in local areas.

So I believe now your confusion of choosing between Du or Etisalat for home internet is now solved.

The performance stats depict that Du scored 97.2% in the outdoor voice quality whereas Etisalat was able to score 95.3%.

Du vs Etisalat Summarized

The major comparison in terms of call, data and LTE packages between Du and Etisalat are stated as follows:


Attribute Du



Outdoor call completion

98.55% 98.59%

Indoor call completion

98.80% 98.89%

Outdoor call setup success

98.84% 98.83%
Indoor call setup success 99.42%


Outdoor Call drop rate 0.30%


Indoor call drop rate 0.63%



Outdoor FTP DL

4583 kbps 5724 kbps

Indoor FTP DL

6922 kbps 8287 kbps

Outdoor FTP UL

796 kbps 681 kbps
Indoor FTP UL 327 kbps

763 kbps

Outdoor HTTP Browser protocol 5570 kbps

5630 kbps

Indoor HTTP UL 445 kbps

762 kbps



4583 kbps 5724 kbps


796 kbps 681 kbps

HTTP Browser protocol

327 kbps

763 kbps

HTTP DL 5570 kbps

5630 kbps

HTTP UL 445 kbps

762 kbps


All the data mentioned above is released in the latest survey reports of TRA.

Still, if believe Etisalat is better than Du than you must check our offers by visiting our homepage. Similarly, you can do the same for converting your connection from Etisalat to Du.

Du TV Service Quality Explained

du tv

This blog will guide you about the service quality of Du TV. In addition, this blog will also explain the TV service of the leading telecom brand of UAE.

That is undoubtedly none other than Du.

In the earlier days, watching TV was quite complex because of the irregular scheduling of your favorite TV shows. Similarly, for those of you who used to be kids in those days face difficulties to watch your favorite cartoons.

However, all this was just the miseries of the veteran times as now you get access of your desired TV channel listings. Moreover, the TV channels are now also available in HD quality.

Most of the telecommunication companies in UAE are offering limited TV channel listings to their customers.

Now here comes the part of Du. Du makes the lives of their customers easier by providing them a long list of their favorite TV channels.

With the introduction of the high-quality Du TV packages, you can get full access to the TV listings. This means now you can watch your favorite TV shows on your desired time.

Du TV Channels List



Channels Price AED (Monthly)


BeIN 38 110

Entertainment get started



Premium South Asian





38 110

Entertainment get started

22 79

OSN Pinoy plus extra

41 166
OSN Pinoy plus 27


English 89


MTV Lebanon 1






Entertainment get started



Premium South Asian



Basic South Asian



OSN TFC plus




ART Family



Alfa Arabic



MTV Lebanon



Entertainment get started



South Asian

Premium South Asian



Basic South Asian



Zee family + HD




OSN Pinoy plus extra 2017



OSN Pinoy plus 2017



OSN TFC plus 2017






Now you are aware of all the TV channel listing provided by your favorite telecom company.

All these TV listings are finalized according to the preferences of people living in UAE.

For more information about the TV service, you can visit our homepage.

Du Router Range Analysis

du router

This blog will analyze the range offered by the Du for their updated routers.

For those who don’t know about the routers, it is an electronic device used for the interconnection between various networks. Router usually functions in such a way as when the computer sends packets of data from one network to another. This process requires the network to be connected with more than one computer at the same time.

This is the point where the router is the most beneficial.

The range offered by du router will also be analyzed in this blog. But first, you need to understand why routers are used even in today’s digital era.

Emergence of Routers

The function of routers is to connect different computer systems with a network. A router usually works better with a good internet connection. Here comes the part of Du telecom’s fastest internet service.

For homes with only one device, a single modem is enough to provide you the network connection. But if you have more than one device in your home, then you must have a router placed in your home. In such a situation, a router is needed to offer you access of network on more than one device.

Simple we can say that routers enable us to use our single local network on more than one device.

But again a router is nothing but just an electronic device if you don’t have a good internet connection.

Du Router

Du offers its customers the new and improved routers that they can install in their homes. Thus this home service of du saves their customers from going outside to buy the routers.

Du currently has two unique kinds of routers that are listed below:

·         D-Link DIR 816


The new generation AC750 technology that fosters high-speed connections.

·         D-Link DIR 868


GB Ethernet, wireless AC and HD streaming media designed especially for your home so you can experience fast internet connection without any interruptions.

If you still have any query related to Du routers then you can visit our homepage.

Ultimate Guide for Du Netflix

.du netflix

This blog will guide you about the features of Du Netflix service.

For those who don’t know about Netflix, it is the biggest internet entertainment service in the world. Currently, Netflix has more than 130 million subscribers that belong from over 190 countries of the world.

Netflix is host to multiple documentaries, series and feature films over a wide range of languages and genres. Netflix subscribers can watch their favorite movies or TV series on the desired time and at any place. They just need an internet connection to get connected with the official Netflix account.

The best thing about Netflix is that its subscribers can enjoy the online streaming without the intervention of any commercials.

What is Du Netflix?

Du has collaborated with Netflix, the leading internet entertainment service provider, to provide you a dose of entertainment. Now you can get a 6 months plan especially for Netflix along with the postpaid and data plans.

Du Netflix enables you to experience the wide array of movies, series, documentaries and much more on just a single click. You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix at any time in a day. All you need is a du internet plan and you are ready to access your favorite shows.

Du Netflix gives you the control to play, pause, rewind and forward your desired shows on your official Netflix account.

Though there are other telecom companies offering the Netflix service. Here comes the most amazing part as Du gives the most exciting packages to its customers.

Netflix Activation

You can get access to the latest du Netflix offers if you have a postpaid 450, 1000 or data sim 379 account. If you have these plans, you can activate Netflix on the go. Your Netflix plan will be accessible for the next 6 months.

For more information about the offer, you can visit our homepage.

Du Moving House Service Explained

du moving house

This blog will serve as a complete guide for the du moving house service.

The lifestyles of people living in UAE is comparatively busy as compared to others. This happens because people are working even harder to achieve their personal and professional goals. Thus they are unable to take out time for the shifting of the homes.

Other than this, the cost of shifting a house is very much expensive in UAE. People usually have to pay higher rents for their houses in which they are shifting.

Another major problem of shifting your home is that you also have to change your internet service provider. This needs to be done as the same internet service is usually not available all across the UAE.

Du Moving House

Now the hassle of shifting house can be reduced for the customers of Du home internet. This has been made possible as Du is providing their internet service in almost all the areas of UAE.

Now with the Du moving house service, you can get the same internet connection in your new home. You just have to consult this matter with a representative of du and can get the same internet connection at your new location. You can talk to the du representative by visiting your nearest du outlet or you can also visit our homepage for further information.

With the du moving house, you can continue availing the services of Du at your new location. To continue your subscription of du, you can upload your title deed or tenancy documents of your new house on our website for connection verification purposes.

Furthermore, a fee of 100 AED is also charged for shifting your du connection in a new building. This service of du has made the lives of their current customers quite easy. Now you can be tension free for the shifting of your internet connection.

To avail the services of du moving house, visit our homepage.

Complete Guide for Du Movies Services

du movies

This blog will serve as a guide for the services offered by Du movies in UAE.

Usually, people have to take out their precious time from their busy schedules to watch movies with their loved ones in the cinemas. Now according to the lifestyles people have in UAE, they are mostly busy and only have time to spend with their families on the weekends.

In addition to this, people also hesitate to go to the cinemas and stand in long queues to buy tickets for their desired movies.

Du understood this gap in the market and introduced the Du movies services. This service by Du enables you to watch your desired films on the go. Now you can watch your favorite movies with your loved ones by staying at home.

This means NO WAITING in long queues for tickets in cinemas.

Du Movies

Now you can watch your desired films at home by using the Du TV remote control. So you don’t have to take out your time to go to the cinemas to watch movies with your family.

Du enables you to watch the latest collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic movies on the du networks. Du has a wide range of films available for you in their library.

From old classics to the latest releases, you just name it. Almost all the films are available on the Du network. This service offered by Du works the same as a DVD player that means you can rewind, pause or fast-forward the movies you are watching at any time.

To get control of Du network you just need to get the Du TV+ packages activated. Thus, you can just press the VOD button on the remote control and the movie store of Du network will appear on your TV screens.

To get information about the Du movies, you can visit our homepage.

Latest Du Landline Offers Explained

du landline

There are numerous advantages of Du landline plans that will be explained in this blog. All the landline plans work without any hidden charges or credit amount.

The Du landline enables you to make free landline calls within UAE. The Du home phone also offers free local landline callings.

Du International

Now you can call internationally within most affordable rates.

The Du international call packages have now made the lives of people living in UAE quite easy. Now with the help of Du, people can now call internationally to talk to their loved ones. Du international call packages enable you to make international calls in more than 100 countries with a minimum 40 fils/mins.

When you use this offer, you only pay according to the call duration. This means there are no hidden charges set in this amazing international call package.

Home Phones

Customer satisfaction is the initial priority of Du. This great package saves hundreds of AED’s that usually get spent while international calling. The international calling rates for Du landline starts from about 1fils/sec.

You only get to pay for calling when you actually make a call. Other than that, you don’t pay for any other hidden charges. Also get your detailed call records in the monthly bills.

The detailed charges for international calling are listed in the chart below:






Friday 1.5fils/sec



  • International calling to 190 countries.
  • Calls more than 5th minute will be charged at 1.5 fils/sec.
  • Saturday to Thursday from 9 am till 9 pm.

Du Local Minutes Offer

The du local minutes offer serve as an amazing package for local calling. You can now call on any local number within just 1 AED. The du local minutes offer enables you to make calls on any number in UAE except for the toll-free numbers.

For more information about the du landline packages, visit our homepage.

Du Kabayan Bundle Explained

du kabayan bundle

This blog will clearly define the benefits and features of Du kabayan bundle. In addition, it will also explain why you should activate this offer.

The need for introducing the kabayan bundle initiated with the emergence of the Philippine community in the Middle East. There are a significant portion of Philipines living in UAE either for their job or education. Thus they need to communicate with their loved ones back in the Philippines.

Du is the first telecom company that introduced a bundle, especially for the Philippines. This new bundle is named as Du Kabayan bundle. The best thing about this bundle is that it enables the tropas to communicate with the families living in Philipines. Therefore, tropas in UAE can now stay connected with their families back in their home towns.

Du Kabayan Bundle Features

The Du Kabayan bundle offers the following facilities in just AED 3 (+5% VAT):

  • Free 30 minutes and SMS to chat with the subscribers of this bundle.
  • Get 5 SMS and minutes to UAE and Philippines
  • Free surfing on weekly kabayan news, Dubbizle, Facebook, Filipino times and the Philippines embassy website.
  • Unlimited chatting on WeChat, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Line.

All these facilities are offered in this bundle which eases the lives of Filipinos living in UAE. This bundle helps them in being connected and updated with their families back in homes.

Du is offering this package as it values the needs and demands of their customer base. This is the reason why the Kabayan offer has now become so much popular among the Filipinos in UAE.

This package is very economical in cost as you just have to pay 3 AED to activate this package. To those reading, this blog must recommend the Du Kabayan bundle to their tropa mates.

For more information about this offer, you can visit our homepage.

Complete Guide for Du Elife Offer

du elife

This blog will serve as a complete guide that will define the Du Elife offer.

But the first thing that needs to be understood is, WHAT is Elife?

Elife is simply a technology designed as per the dynamics of the modern era that aims to provide high-speed internet, premium quality television and crystal clear voice on the landlines. Most of us are using these technologies in our daily lives but the service providers of all these are different. This means more hassle in managing bills, payments and even inquiries from the service providers.

Here Du has made the lives of their customers easy by providing their elife bundles. The elife offers of Du enables you to get access to the internet, television and landline in the same package.

This means NOW you can get all the internet, television and landline services from the same service provider.

Isn’t this great?

Du also gives value to their customers and never disappoints them with their elife offers. Still if you think that the prices of elife bundle is expensive. Then I recommend you immediately visit our homepage and check out the amazing elife deals in economical prices.

Some of the best-selling packages of Du elife are stated below:

Du Home Starter Package


Feature Price


Download speed 250 Mbps and upload speed of 80 Mbps 389 AED

Advanced Wi-Fi router


Choose one Essential TV Packages (English, Arabic or South Asian)

Get free-to-air basic TV channels

Enjoy a free subscription to Du View

Watch it all on a free non-recordable HD TV box


Free call to U.A.E landline


Du Home Basic Package


Feature Price


Download speed 500 Mbps and upload speed of 170 Mbps 499 AED

Premium Wi-Fi router


Get two free OSN TV packages, choose one of them yourself

Get free-to-air basic TV channels

Enjoy a free subscription to Du View

Watch it all on a free recordable HD TV box


Free call to U.A.E landline


Du Home Advanced Package


Feature Price


Download speed 600 Mbps and upload speed of 200 Mbps

599 AED

Get two OSN TV Packages, choose one of them yourself, and enjoy beIN SPORTS


Get free-to-air basic TV channels

Enjoy a free subscription to Du View

Watch it all on a free recordable HD TV box

Watch it all on a free recordable HD TV box


Free call to U.A.E landline


Du Home Ultimate Package


Feature Price


Download speed 800 Mbps and upload speed of 270 Mbps

1099 AED

Ultimate Wi-Fi router


Get three OSN TV Packages, choose one of them yourself, and enjoy beIN SPORTS

Choose one of our Essential TV packages (English, Arabic or South Asian)

Enjoy a free subscription to Du View

Watch it all on a free recordable HD TV box


Free call to U.A.E landline

Choose your favorite Du elife offer and visit our homepage for more information.