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du world cup

du world cup

This blog will explain all the new world cup packages offered by Du telecom.

If you are crazy for cricket then Du packages are the best for you. This package enables the customers to have a greater experience of watching the cricket world cup. All this is made possible with the assistance of Du packages.

Now the Du customers can watch all the world matches live using the world cup package. Du provides its customers with high-quality HD streaming of their favorite world cup matches.

World Cup 2019

England hosted the cricket world cup 2019 which consisted of many brilliant performances. A total of eight teams took part in the world cup which played their level best cricket.

For this special event, Du took the initiative and introduced their own world cup package. The purpose of launching this world cup campaign was to target those people in UAE that are crazy about cricket.

This way the people of UAE were able to watch their favorite world cup matches through the new and improved Du packages.

Understanding the needs of their customers and acting promptly to serve their needs is the core mission of Du telecom.

There are other telecom companies currently serving the UAE market. Despite their presence, Du took the initiative and introduced their new packages. These packages were specially designed according to the needs of the crazy cricket fans.

Du World Cup Package 2018

In the past, Du had also introduced the same package at that time for the football world cup 2018. Du collaborated with beIN sports to better serve their customers. The collaboration between these two resulted in the live streaming of the football world cup directly from the Russian Stadium.

Now you can get an idea of how and why Du is the leading internet service provider in the United Arab Emirates.

To get the latest updates about the Du offers, you can check our homepage.

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