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This blog will guide you about the features of Du Netflix service.

For those who don’t know about Netflix, it is the biggest internet entertainment service in the world. Currently, Netflix has more than 130 million subscribers that belong from over 190 countries of the world.

Netflix is host to multiple documentaries, series and feature films over a wide range of languages and genres. Netflix subscribers can watch their favorite movies or TV series on the desired time and at any place. They just need an internet connection to get connected with the official Netflix account.

The best thing about Netflix is that its subscribers can enjoy the online streaming without the intervention of any commercials.

What is Du Netflix?

Du has collaborated with Netflix, the leading internet entertainment service provider, to provide you a dose of entertainment. Now you can get a 6 months plan especially for Netflix along with the postpaid and data plans.

Du Netflix enables you to experience the wide array of movies, series, documentaries and much more on just a single click. You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix at any time in a day. All you need is a du internet plan and you are ready to access your favorite shows.

Du Netflix gives you the control to play, pause, rewind and forward your desired shows on your official Netflix account.

Though there are other telecom companies offering the Netflix service. Here comes the most amazing part as Du gives the most exciting packages to its customers.

Netflix Activation

You can get access to the latest du Netflix offers if you have a postpaid 450, 1000 or data sim 379 account. If you have these plans, you can activate Netflix on the go. Your Netflix plan will be accessible for the next 6 months.

For more information about the offer, you can visit our homepage.

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