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du broadband

This blog will serve as an ultimate guide for understanding the capabilities of the superfast Du broadband. With that being said, there is no doubt that Du broadband is one of the fastest broadband internet in the UAE. Apart from confirming this fact from the company, many customers have shared their positive feedback about the Du home broadband plans offered by the company.

Whether you are a user or non-user of Du home broadband, you will be able to compare and choose Du broadband plans against others by the end of this blog. But initially, you must understand the different types of du broadband connections being offered to you.

Kinds of Broadband Connections

du broadband

The term broadband usually alludes to the rapid Internet get to that is consistently on. And quicker than the customary dial-up get to. Broadband incorporates a few rapid transmission advancements, for example,

  • Computerized Subscriber Line (DSL)
  • Link Modem
  • Fiber
  • Remote
  • Satellite
  • Broadband over Powerlines (BPL)

The broadband innovation you pick will rely upon various elements. These may incorporate were you are in an urban or provincial region. How broadband Internet gets to is combine with different administrations. For example, voice phone, and home diversion, cost, and accessibility.

Computerized Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL is a wireline transmission innovation that transmits information quicker. This is over customary copper phone lines previously introduce to homes and organizations. DSL-based broadband gives transmission speeds running from a few hundred Kbps. This is to a large number of bits every second (Mbps). The accessibility and speed of your DSL administration may rely upon the good ways from your home. This also depends on business to the nearest phone organization office.

Coming up next are sorts of DSL transmission advancements:

Topsy-turvy Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

Used basically by private clients, for example, Internet surfers, who get a ton of information. However, don’t send a lot. ADSL regularly gives quicker speed the downstream way than the upstream heading. ADSL permits quicker downstream information transmission over a similar line used to give voice administration. This is without disturbing ordinary calls on that line.

Balanced Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL)

Used regularly by organizations for administrations. For example, video conferencing, which need huge transfer speed both upstream and downstream.

Quicker types of DSL commonly accessible to organizations include:

High information rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL); and

High information rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL).

Link Modem

Link modem administration empowers link administrators to give broadband utilizing the equivalent coaxial links. These links that convey pictures and sound to your TV set.

Most link modems are outside gadgets that have two associations. These one to the link divider outlet, the other to a PC. They give transmission velocities of 1.5 Mbps or more.

Supporters can get to their link modem administration by just turning on their PCs, without dialing-up an ISP. You can even now watch satellite TV while utilizing it. Transmission speeds shift contingent upon the kind of link modem, link system, and traffic load. Paces are practically identical to DSL.


Fiber optic innovation changes over electrical signs conveying information to light and sends the light through straightforward glass filaments about the distance across of a human hair. Fiber transmits information at speeds far surpassing current DSL or link modem speeds, commonly by tens or even several Mbps.

The genuine speed you experience will change contingent upon an assortment of variables, for example, how near your PC the specialist organization brings the fiber and how the specialist co-op arranges the administration, including the measure of data transmission utilized. A similar fiber giving your broadband can likewise all the while conveying voice (VoIP) and video administrations, remembering video-for request.

Broadcast communications suppliers now and then offer fiber broadband in constrained territories and have declared designs to grow their fiber systems and offer packaged voice, Internet access, and video administrations.

Varieties of the innovation run the fiber right to the client’s home or business, to the control outside, or an area somewhere close to the supplier’s offices and the client.


Remote broadband associates a home or business to the Internet utilizing a radio connection between the client’s area and the specialist organization’s office. Remote broadband can be versatile or fixed.

Remote advancements utilizing longer-go directional hardware offer broadband support in remote or scantily populated regions where DSL or link modem administration would be expensive to give. Paces are commonly similar to DSL and link modem. An outer radio wire is generally required.

Remote broadband Internet get to administrations offered over fixed systems permit customers to get to the Internet from a fixed point while stationary and regularly require an immediate view between the remote transmitter and recipient. These administrations have been offered to utilize both authorized range and unlicensed gadgets. For instance, a huge number of little Wireless Internet Services Providers (WISPs) give such remote broadband at velocities of around one Mbps utilizing unlicensed gadgets, regularly in rustic territories not served by link or wireline broadband systems.

Remote Local Area Networks (WLANs) give remote broadband access over shorter separations and are frequently used to broaden the scope of a “last-mile” wireline or fixed remote broadband association inside a home, building, or grounds condition. Wi-Fi systems utilize unlicensed gadgets and can be intended for private access inside a home or business, or be utilized for open Internet access at “problem areas, for example, eateries, bistros, lodgings, air terminals, conference halls, and city parks.

Versatile remote broadband administrations are additionally getting accessible from cell phone specialist organizations and others. These administrations are commonly proper for profoundly versatile clients and require a unique PC card with an implicit radio wire that connects to a client’s PC. For the most part, they give lower speeds, in the scope of a few hundred Kbps.


Similarly, as satellites circling the earth give essential connections to phone and TV administration, they can likewise give connects to broadband. Satellite broadband is another type of remote broadband and is likewise helpful for serving remote or meagerly populated zones.

Downstream and upstream speeds for satellite broadband rely upon a few elements. This includes the supplier and administration bundle bought. The customer’s view of the circling satellite, and the climate. Regularly a buyer can hope to get (download) at a speed of around 500 Kbps. He can also send (transfer) at a speed of around 80 Kbps. These rates might be slower than DSL and link modem. However, they are around multiple times quicker than the download speed with dial-up Internet get to. Administration can be disturbed in outrageous climate conditions.

Broadband over Powerline (BPL)

BPL can be given to homes utilizing existing electrical associations and outlets. BPL is a developing innovation that is accessible in extremely constraining territories. It has critical potential since electrical cables introduce all over the place, mitigating the need to assemble new broadband offices for each client.

Now you will be able to experience the superfast speed of 1 GBPS offered by the Du home broadband. By activating this broadband service, the users of Du broadband plans will be able to surf the internet in an entirely different way.

This means now you can watch movies online without any buffering. Sound great right!

All these benefits can also be experienced by you as the upload and download speed of Du home broadband is exceptional. In addition to this, the packages and prices of all these Du broadband plans are very much affordable and convenient for you. This is because Du broadband was made for the ease of the Emiratis.


New and current users of Du can visit our homepage to activate their favorite Du plans and save a significant portion of their money. Du plans offer you broadband, Du TV+ and home phone, along with personalized TV packages that will be set solely on your demand.

You can avail all these services within affordable prices and in just one bill.

Sounds quite overwhelming right!

Du Home Broadband

If you guys still think that all such services do not value your money or are quite expensive then you can also check the packages offered by our competitors.

Apart from all this, Du broadband plans have also made your lives easy as now you can select either Du stand-alone broadband or bundle broadband. One thing which is quite amazing is that the landline services are free with both of these offers.

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