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du wifi

du wifi

This blog will explain all the wifi offers provided by Du telecom.

Currently, the best wifi plans available in UAE is provided by Du. People living in UAE usually face difficulties with their internet. Their common concern is that despite having a fast internet connection, they don’t get the right speed on their Wifi.

This means having good wifi is necessary. Without this, a good internet connection is nothing.

The same problems are faced by the users of many internet service providers. Thus a solution is required so that customers can use their internet with wifi devices too.

Du understood the need of the internet users in the market and introduced their wifi routers. This way the users can experience fast internet connectivity even when they are using the internet through a wifi device.

So now we can say that all your problems with slow wifi speed is now solved.

In short, Du plays the role of savior in this particular situation.

With their higher quality wifi routers, the customers of Du are now able to use the internet plans more effectively.

Now the problems of internet lagging and signal drop are solved.

All this thanks to Du high tech routers.

Du Wifi Packages

Currently, there are six best wifi packages offered by your favorite telecom company. Customers can avail all these packages from anywhere in the UAE.

All these wifi packages are listed in the table below:

S. No.

Wifi Plan Monthly Price (AED)


Postpaid 125


New Emirati 350


Device + Postpaid


4 Data


5 Control


6 Prepaid


All these wifi packages are easily accessible even in the remote areas of UAE. The prices of these packages are fixed and there are no hidden or additional charges in the package.

Still confused about the du home wifi plans? Check our homepage.

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